11 Days, 11 Nights Movie: An Erotic Journey of Romance and Temptation

11 Days, 11 Nights Movie: An Erotic Journey of Romance and Temptation

The film “11 Days, 11 Nights” (also known as “Undici giorni, undici notti”) is a captivating Italian softcore erotic drama released in 1987. Directed by Joe D’Amato, the film takes place in the vibrant city of New Orleans and features a talented cast including Jessica Moore, Joshua McDonald, and Mary Sellers. With its enticing storyline and sensual themes, the film achieved significant financial success, captivating audiences worldwide.

Plot Summary

The story revolves around Michael, a young urban professional (yuppie) working in the construction industry. While on a boat ride in the picturesque setting of New Orleans, he encounters Sarah Asproon, a seductive writer and libertine. Sarah, in need of a captivating finale for her autobiographical book, seeks to document her 100 erotic conquests. Intrigued by Sarah’s proposition, Michael agrees to become her final and crowning conquest, despite being on the verge of marrying Helen, his devoted fiancée.

Michael and Sarah embark on an extraordinary pact that spans eleven days and eleven nights. During this time, they indulge in a series of passionate and sexually charged adventures, exploring their deepest desires. As their passionate journey unfolds, Helen becomes increasingly suspicious of Michael’s behaviour and begins to follow them, determined to uncover the truth.

As the eleventh day approaches, a profound shift occurs. Sarah finds herself genuinely falling in love with Michael, jeopardizing her initial intentions. However, when Sarah reveals her scheme to Michael, confessing that she had used him as material for her book, he reacts with a mix of anger and betrayal. In a moment of intense passion, Michael takes Sarah forcefully from behind and abruptly leaves her, returning to Helen, his future wife.

Cast and Production

The film stars Jessica Moore in the role of Sarah Asproon, portraying her with a captivating blend of sensuality and vulnerability. Joshua McDonald plays the role of Michael, the charming and conflicted protagonist torn between love and temptation. Mary Sellers delivers a compelling performance as Helen, Michael’s betrothed, becomes entangled in their web of passion and secrecy. The supporting cast includes Tom Mojack as Dan, David Brandon as Peter, John Morghen as Brett, and Laura Gemser as Sarah’s publisher.

A considerable part of the film was recorded in the captivating city of New Orleans, providing an enchanting backdrop that infused the narrative with a vibrant atmosphere. The decision to shoot on location added depth and authenticity to the movie, immersing the audience in the distinct ambience of this remarkable city. Additionally, select interior scenes were captured in Rome, creating an intriguing juxtaposition between the two cities and further enhancing the visual allure of the film.

Release and Reception

“Eleven Days, Eleven Nights” was released in Italy on DVD under the title “Eleven Days Eleven Nights” as part of CG Entertainment’s “cinekult” series. This release features the original Italian dubbing in an uncut version, accompanied by Italian subtitles for the deaf or hard of hearing.

Clive Davies, a film reviewer, described the film as a “pretty terrible and unerotic 9 1/2 weeks cash-in,” referring to its similarities with the well-known erotic drama. Despite this criticism, Davies admitted to enjoying “Eleven Days, Eleven Nights” more than its big-budgeted counterpart, highlighting its unique charm and captivating storyline.


“Eleven Days, Eleven Nights” continues to hold a prominent position within the genre of erotic dramas, skilfully encapsulating the core elements of romance, desire, and betrayal. Under the directorial expertise of Joe D’Amato, coupled with the exceptional performances delivered by the cast, this film breathed life into its narrative, captivating audiences with its alluring and provocative presentation. The enduring charm and widespread acclaim of “Eleven Days, Eleven Nights” can be attributed to its remarkable financial achievements and its ability to captivate viewers across various countries.

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