Anandam Paramanandam Movie Review: A Half-Baked Attempt at a Family Drama

Anandam Paramanandam Movie Review & Rating: A Half-Baked Attempt at a Family Drama

Anandam Paramanandam, directed by Shafie, is a family drama that attempts to blend comedy and emotion. The movie claims to tell the story of a pure soul but needs to deliver an engaging experience. The large cast of stars, including Indrans, Sharafuddin, Aju Varghese, Anagha Narayanan, Baiju Santhosh, and Nisha Sarang, need more screen time to bring out the intended humor.

The story revolves around Anupama and her mother, who suffers at the hands of their alcoholic father and husband. The plot rehashes age-old themes and ideas about the impact of alcoholism on families and falls short of bringing any novelty to the table. The script feels incomplete and repetitive.


The film’s portrayal of an alcoholic family’s life fails to strike a chord with the audience. The light-hearted moments feel misplaced and forced, overshadowing the gravity of the situation. The regressive elements in the film and outdated storytelling approach make it difficult to connect with contemporary viewers.


The standout performances in Anandam Paramanandam come from Sharafuddin, Baiju, Nisha Sarang, and Anagha Narayanan. However, the film needs to utilize the full potential of its talented cast, making it a missed opportunity for a memorable holiday comedy.

Magical Realism & Comedy

The film attempts to explore magical realism but falls short of creating a lasting impression. The comedy, a key aspect of Shafie’s films, could be more effectively utilized in Anandam Paramanandam, leaving the audience with an underwhelming experience.


Anandam Paramanandam might appeal to those who enjoy old-fashioned, message-driven films with a dose of goodness. However, the movie’s outdated storytelling, repetitive plot, and underutilized cast make it a half-baked attempt at a family drama.

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