Citizen Movie (2001) - Ajith Kumar's Captivating Tamil Political Action Thriller

Discover the Exciting World of Citizen Movie – The 2001 Tamil Political Action Thriller


Do you like Tamil cinema and political action thrillers? If so, the movie “Citizen” is a must-watch for you! Released in 2001, this Tamil-language film, directed by Saravana Subbiah and produced by S. S. Chakravarthy, features Ajith Kumar in dual roles alongside Meena, Vasundhara Das, and Nagma. With a gripping storyline and impressive cinematography, Citizen has secured its place in the hearts of movie enthusiasts. Read on to explore more about this thrilling movie.

The Plot

Citizen is an engaging political action thriller that revolves around a man’s life who takes on the identity of a missing person to fight against the corrupt system. Ajith Kumar plays the roles of the protagonist and his father, offering a mesmerizing performance that captivates the audience. With the support of the talented cast, including Meena, Vasundhara Das, and Nagma, the movie offers a balanced mix of action, drama, and intrigue.

Direction and Production

The movie is a testament to the excellent direction by Saravana Subbiah and the skilled production of S. S. Chakravarthy. Their combined efforts have resulted in a film that entertains and raises important questions about society and political systems. With the expert use of dialogues by Balakumaran, the film’s narrative seamlessly flows from one scene to the next, keeping the audience engrossed.

Cinematography and Editing

Citizen showcases the brilliant cinematography skills of Ravi K. Chandran, while R. D. Rajasekhar contributed to one song. Their keen eye for detail and visual storytelling enhances the overall experience of the movie. Sreekar Prasad, the film’s editor, effectively stitches together the various scenes to create a coherent, exciting narrative that keeps the audience on edge.

Music and Soundtrack

The music and soundtrack of Citizen, composed by Deva, play an essential role in setting the tone and atmosphere of the film. The songs and background score complement the storyline, adding depth and emotion to the scenes. The catchy tunes and meaningful lyrics ensure that the music remains memorable even after the movie has ended.

Box-Office Success

Upon its release on 9 June 2001, Citizen garnered positive reviews from critics and audiences alike. The movie’s gripping storyline, powerful performances, and exceptional technical aspects contributed to its box-office success. The film went on to become a super hit, further establishing the popularity and talent of Ajith Kumar and the entire cast and crew.


In conclusion, Citizen is a must-watch movie for fans of Tamil cinema and political action thrillers. With its captivating storyline, stunning cinematography, and remarkable performances, the film continues to enthrall audiences even years after its release. Enjoy this engaging and thought-provoking film if you still need to watch Citizen.

Ajith Kumar’s Dual Roles

Ajith Kumar’s portrayal of dual roles in Citizen is one of the film’s major highlights. His effortless transition between the two characters showcases his versatility and acting prowess. As the protagonist, Ajith is a force to be reckoned with, bringing a sense of determination and fearlessness to the role. In contrast, his portrayal of the father is marked by vulnerability and emotional depth, allowing the audience to connect with the character personally. These contrasting roles demonstrate Ajith Kumar’s ability to captivate the audience and leave a lasting impression.

Supporting Cast

The supporting cast of Citizen, including Meena, Vasundhara Das, and Nagma, adds depth and complexity to the film. Each actor delivers a powerful performance, contributing to the movie’s overall impact. Their on-screen chemistry with Ajith Kumar and their character arcs make the film an engaging and immersive experience for the audience.

Themes and Social Commentary

Citizen delves into themes of corruption, social injustice, and the fight against a flawed system. The film’s social commentary effectively provokes thought and discussion, encouraging viewers to reflect on the issues presented. Director Saravana Subbiah skillfully weaves these themes into the narrative, creating a film that entertains and raises awareness about the need for change in society.


Even after more than two decades, Citizen continues to be relevant and holds a special place in the hearts of Tamil cinema enthusiasts. It’s box-office success and critical acclaim have contributed to the film’s enduring legacy. The movie has also played a significant role in establishing Ajith Kumar as one of the leading actors in the Tamil film industry. The impactful performances, captivating storyline, and thought-provoking themes of Citizen ensure that it remains a classic in the realm of political action thrillers.

Revisiting Citizen

If you are a fan of Tamil cinema or political action thrillers, it’s the perfect time to revisit Citizen or watch it for the first time. The powerful narrative, exceptional performances, and gripping action sequences will keep you entertained and engaged. Take advantage of the opportunity to experience this classic Tamil film that has impacted audiences over the years.

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