As Cook with Comali Season 4 witnesses a decline in TRP due to the exit of celebrities Manimegalai and G.P. Muthu, Vijay TV is gearing up to introduce new strategies, including a wildcard round, to regain its former success and charm.

Cook with Comali Season 4: Exit of Celebrities Affects Show’s TRP; Vijay TV Plans New Strategies

Cook with Comali, a popular cooking reality show on Vijay TV, has always been a crowd-pleaser. From Thalapathy Vijay to numerous cinema celebrities, the show has attracted a wide range of viewers. However, the exit of prominent celebrities like Manimegalai and G.P. Muthu has led to a decline in the show’s TRP, prompting Vijay TV to rethink its strategies and bring new wildcard contestants.

Manimegalai, known for her comedic prowess, was a significant reason behind the show’s success in previous seasons. Despite her departure from the current season, Cook with Comali Season 4 has continued to entertain audiences. However, viewers have expressed that the fun quotient has diminished compared to the past seasons.

G.P. Muthu, another popular celebrity who gained a considerable following through TikTok, has also taken a break from the show. Muthu, who had participated in Bigg Boss Season 6, left the reality show within a week due to personal reasons. He has been making audiences laugh with his antics on Cook with Comali, but his health took a turn for the worse.

After consulting with doctors, it was found that G.P. Muthu had been working relentlessly, juggling between shooting and his other commitments, causing physical strain. His humorous role on the show, where he’s called “Jaali,” also required him to put his body through a lot of stress. As a result, Muthu needs a well-deserved break to recover.

With the exit of Manimegalai and G.P. Muthu, Vijay TV is now working on strategies to maintain and improve the show’s TRP. The channel plans to introduce a wildcard round featuring new comedians, hoping to retain the interest of their viewers and regain their former success.

As Cook with Comali Season 4 continues, fans eagerly await the arrival of wildcard contestants and hope the show will regain its former charm and high TRP ratings.

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