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Cook with Komali Season 4: Salary Details of Contestants Revealed

Cook with Komali, one of Vijay TV’s highly successful Tamil cooking shows, returned with its fourth season, delighting audiences with its unique culinary skills and entertainment blend. Apart from showcasing the contestants’ cooking prowess, the show also sheds light on the salaries earned by these participants. Let’s dive into the salary details of the notable contestants who graced Cook with Komali Season 4.

Shivangi: The Talented Clown Turned Cook

Shivangi, who transformed from a clown to a cook, receives an impressive 20,000 per episode for participating in Cook with Komali Season 4. Her journey from clowning to culinary excellence captivated the audience throughout the season.

Raj Ayyappan: The Prominent Film Actor

Raj Ayyappan, known for his role as Ajith’s younger brother in a film, joined Cook with Komali Season 4 as a contestant. His acting prowess translates into a salary of 26,000 per episode, making him one of the well-compensated participants on the show.

Andrea: The Tamil-Speaking French Actress

Famous Tamil-speaking French actress Andrea brings her international charm to Cook with Komali Season 4. She receives a generous payment of 30,000 for each episode, reflecting her status as a renowned actress in the industry.

VJ Vishal: The Bhakyalakshmi Serial Fame

VJ Vishal, known for his role in the popular Bhakyalakshmi serial, showcases his culinary skills in Cook with Komali Season 4. His talent is rewarded with a salary of 25,000 per episode, highlighting his valuable contribution to the show.

Srishti Tange: The Talented Actress

Actress Srishti Tange, known for her impressive performances, graces the Cook with Komali Season 4 stage. Her dedication to the culinary arts earns her a respectable payment of 35,000 per episode.

Visitra: The Glamor Actress from the 90s

Vistra, a well-known actress from the glamorous era of the 90s, adds a touch of nostalgia to Cook with Komali Season 4. She receives a payment of 30,000 per episode, showcasing her enduring popularity among viewers.

Sherin: The Dream Girl

Actress Sherin, fondly known as the dream girl, brings her charisma and talent to Cook with Komali Season 4. Her captivating presence is rewarded with a salary of 35,000 per episode, placing her among the top earners on the show.

Mime Gobi: The Highest-Paid Celebrity

Mime Gobi, a famous actor known for his mime performances, emerges as the highest-paid celebrity on Cook with Komali Season 4. His exceptional talent and entertaining acts command a salary of 50,000 per episode, reflecting his stature in the industry.


Cook with Komali Season 4 showcases the culinary journeys of talented individuals from various backgrounds. This season’s notable contestants, including Shivangi, Raj Ayyappan, Andrea, VJ Vishal, Srishti Tange, Visitra, Sherin, and Mime Gobi, bring their unique skills and personalities to the show. The salary details reveal the recognition and value assigned to each participant, with Mime Gobi standing out as the highest-paid celebrity. With this fascinating mix of talent, Cook with Komali Season 4 continues to captivate viewers with its combination of gastronomic delights and entertainment.

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