D3 Movie Review - A Gripping Yet Flawed Investigative Thriller in Kollywood

D3 Movie Review – A Gripping Yet Flawed Investigative Thriller in Kollywood


D3, directed by Prajin, is an investigative thriller that follows Vikram (played by Prajin), an inspector from Kutralam, as he unravels a series of mysterious accidents and a sinister medical crime. While the movie has its moments of intrigue and suspense, it is ultimately let down by a weak second half and an underwhelming reveal of the central crime.

An Intriguing Set-Up

The movie starts with a series of accidents that catch the attention of Vikram, who is determined to uncover the pattern and identify the culprits. The initial cases are intriguing, and the film successfully builds suspense as Vikram discovers more than 203 similar cases in the same police station, which have all been closed as accidents.

A Weak Second Half and Underwhelming Crime Reveal

Unfortunately, the second half of D3 falters in plot and pacing. The exposed medical crime falls short of evoking empathy and an emotional response from the audience. However, the writer includes a few twists that help maintain audience engagement.

Technical Aspects and Performances

One of the movie’s strengths lies in its technical aspects, with Manikandan BK’s cinematography and Sreejith’s background score standing out. These elements help immerse the audience in the characters’ world. On the other hand, the pre-interval song sequence feels out of place and disrupts the film’s momentum.

In terms of performance, Prajin delivers a convincing portrayal of a cop for the first time. His on-screen presence is commendable, and he successfully meets the expectations of his character. Supporting actors, including Rahul Madhav, Charle, Gayathri Yuvaraj, and Abhisek, also give their best in their respective roles.


D3 offers a gripping start and some engaging moments but ultimately struggles to provide the immersive experience expected from an investigative thriller. While the performances and technical aspects of the film are noteworthy, the weak second half and underwhelming crime reveal hold it back from reaching its full potential.

FAQs about the Tamil movie “D3”:

Q: What is the storyline of “D3”?

A: “D3” is an investigative thriller directed by Balaaji, featuring Prajin, Vidya Pradeep, and Charle. The story follows Vikram, an inspector at the D3 police station in Kutralam, as he delves into a series of mysterious accidents that unveil a shocking medical crime.

Q: Who are the main characters in “D3”?

A: The main characters in “D3” include Vikram (played by Prajin), Vidya (played by Vidya Pradeep), and Charle (played by Charle).

Q: What are the themes explored in “D3”?

A: “D3” delves into themes such as corruption, medical malpractice, and the significance of truth.

Q: What is the critical verdict on “D3”?

A: “D3” has garnered mixed reviews from critics. While some have praised its suspenseful plot and Prajin’s performance, others have criticized its slow pace and lack of originality.

Q: Where can I watch “D3”?

A: “D3” is currently available for streaming on Sun NXT. Additionally, you can rent or purchase the movie on digital platforms like Amazon Prime Video, iTunes, and Google Play.

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