"Kanguva": A Mesmerizing Tamil Period Drama Starring Surya and Bobby Deol

Kanguva: Surya and Bobby Deol to Star Together

In the exciting realm of Tamil cinema, a captivating new project is on the horizon that is set to leave audiences enthralled. The upcoming Tamil film “Kanguva” combines two powerhouses of the Indian film industry, Surya and Bobby Deol, in an epic period drama. Directed by the talented Sibi Chakravarthy and produced by the esteemed Studio Green, the film is eagerly awaited by fans and critics alike. Join us as we delve into the enchanting world of “Kanguva” and explore what makes this cinematic masterpiece a must-watch experience.

A Forbidden Love Story in the 19th Century

“Kanguva” takes us on a mesmerizing journey back to the 19th century, where the story revolves around a young man named Surya and his profound love for a woman named Trisha. Their love is nothing short of an epic tale, but fate has other plans, and their union is forbidden. Determined to be together against all odds, Surya and Trisha embark on a courageous journey, battling against powerful forces that seek to keep them apart.

Bobby Deol as the Formidable Antagonist

Adding a layer of intensity to the narrative is Bobby Deol, who portrays the role of a formidable and influential man with his eyes set on achieving his desires at any cost. Bobby Deol’s portrayal of the antagonist promises to be riveting, bringing a dynamic contrast to the story’s emotional depth.

Production and Expectations

“Kanguva” is now being produced and shot in several stunning sites throughout Tamil Nadu, Kerala, and Karnataka—the movie’s astounding budget of Rs. One hundred crores are proof of the project’s grandeur and scope. The film is being produced in immersive 3D as a tribute to modern technology, increasing the viewer’s visual experience.

“Kanguva” is not limited to a single audience; it transcends linguistic barriers and will be released in Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, and Malayalam. The multilingual release ensures that the film reaches a wider audience, uniting fans from different regions in their anticipation for this cinematic extravaganza.

The Winning Combination

The prospect of witnessing Surya and Bobby Deol sharing the screen has ignited immense excitement among fans. Surya, a revered actor known for his exceptional performances, coupled with the charismatic Bobby Deol, is a winning combination that guarantees an enthralling and memorable experience.

The Talented Team Behind “Kanguva”

The film’s director, Sibi Chakravarthy, is celebrated for his prowess in crafting stylish and action-packed films. With “Kanguva,” he is all set to weave magic on the silver screen, captivating audiences with his directorial finesse.

The prestigious production company Studio Green, which has a reputation for producing high-caliber movies, has unwaveringly supported this ambitious initiative. Their creative vision and the director’s skill have created the foundation for an extraordinary cinematic experience.

Box Office Hit on the Horizon.

“Kanguva” is positioned to be a movie office success because of its captivating plot, outstanding cast, and beautiful 3D experience. The enthusiasm and expectation surrounding the movie are already at an all-time high, making it a popular subject of conversation among movie fans.


A richly detailed and emotionally compelling cinematic adventure set in the 19th century is what “Kanguva” promises to be. It is a film of epic proportions thanks to the potent pairing of Surya and Bobby Deol and the know-how of director Sibi Chakravarthy and studio Green. There is little question that “Kanguva” will win the hearts of Tamil film enthusiasts and moviegoers as we await its premiere in 2023.


When will “Kanguva” be released?
“Kanguva” is expected to release in 2023.

In which languages will the film be released?
The film will be released in Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, and Malayalam.

What is the budget of “Kanguva”?
The film boasts an impressive budget of ₹100 crores.

Who is playing the role of the antagonist in the film?
Bobby Deol will be portraying the formidable antagonist in “Kanguva.”

Where is the film being shot?
“Kanguva” is being filmed in various locations in Tamil Nadu, Kerala, and Karnataka.

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