Krishnankutty Pani Thudangi Review: A New Chapter in Malayalam Horror-Slasher Films

Krishnankutty Pani Thudangi Movie Review: A Promising Foray into Malayalam Horror-Slasher Cinema


Krishnankutty Pani Thudangi, directed by Sooraj Tom and released on the OTT platform Zee5, marks the first horror-slasher film in Malayalam cinema. Starring Saniya Iyappan and Vishnu Unnikrishnan in the lead roles, the film offers an engaging storyline and captivating performances. Despite its shortcomings in the intensity and gore department, it represents a significant step forward for the industry in this genre.

Story and Execution

The film follows the story of Unnikannan (Vishnu Unnikrishnan), who takes up a job as a home nurse in a remote house located deep within a forest. He meets Beatrice (Saniya Iyappan), the enigmatic daughter of the house owner, who lives there alone. As Unnikannan starts to experience unsettling events, the film delves into the eerie and mysterious world of the horror-slasher genre.

While the execution of the film is commendable, with an engaging screenplay and a fascinating storyline, it falls short of delivering the intensity and gore expected from a horror-slasher film. Nevertheless, the captivating performances by Saniya Iyappan and Vishnu Unnikrishnan and the intriguing plot keep the audience’s attention throughout the movie.


Saniya Iyappan’s portrayal of Beatrice delivers a strong performance that adds depth to the film. Vishnu Unnikrishnan, playing the role of Unnikannan, also fares well, showcasing his acting prowess through his expressions and dialogue delivery. Vijilesh Karayad’s supporting role adds to the overall impact of the film.

Direction and Writing

Sooraj Tom’s direction is praiseworthy, making Krishnankutty Pani Thudangi his best film. However, the movie could have been even better with more refined writing and visualization. Madhusoodanan Anand’s writing is engaging, crafting an absorbing script that holds the audience’s attention throughout the film. The revenge subplot works well, but the violent aspects of the story could have been depicted more intensely to elevate the horror experience.

Cinematography and Visuals

Jithu Damodar Palakkad’s cinematography plays a significant role in establishing the film’s spooky atmosphere. The lighting and visuals enhance the eerie ambiance of the movie, and the action scenes are particularly visually impressive.


Krishnankutty Pani Thudangi is commendable in introducing the horror-slasher genre to Malayalam cinema. Although it falls short in intensity and gore, the engaging plot and captivating performances make it a worthwhile watch for audiences interested in exploring this genre within the Malayalam film industry.

As the first horror-slasher film in Malayalam cinema, Krishnankutty Pani Thudangi sets the stage for future projects in the genre. With a stronger focus on intensity and gore, along with compelling storylines and powerful performances, Malayalam cinema has the potential to produce more successful horror-slasher films in the future.

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