Mirchi Senthil's Dedication for Anna Serial: A Week-long Fast for the Perfect Promo Scene

Mirchi Senthil’s Dedication for Anna Serial: A Week-long Fast for the Perfect Promo Scene

Popular actor Mirchi Senthil, known for his roles in hit Tamil serials like Saravanan Meenakshi and Mappillai, has taken his dedication to his craft to new heights. The actor reportedly underwent a strict week-long fast to prepare for an intense promo scene for his upcoming serial, Anna, on Zee Tamil.

Mirchi Senthil first gained fame as a VJ and later as an actor through his realistic portrayal of characters in various Tamil serials. His on-screen chemistry with actress Sreeja, whom he later married, further endeared him to fans. The couple welcomed their first child a few months ago.

In the new serial Anna, Mirchi Senthil plays the role of Shanmugam, the elder brother of four sisters. The recently released promo for the show, which features Senthil displaying intense devotion and aggression, has garnered praise from fans and critics alike. To achieve the desired effect for the scene, Senthil fasted for a week, showcasing his commitment to his role.

Moreover, the actor also fasted for three days during a recent photo shoot for the serial. Mirchi Senthil’s devotion to Lord Muruga in real life carries over to his character in the show, further motivating him to immerse himself in the role.

In conclusion, Mirchi Senthil’s dedication to his upcoming serial, Anna, is evident through his intense fasting regimen for the promo scene and photoshoot. His commitment to his craft and devotion to his character are sure to make the show a hit among fans. Take advantage of the premiere of Anna on Zee Tamil.

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