Mullum Malarum: A Tale of Love and Brotherhood on Zee Tamil

Mullum Malarum: A Tale of Love and Brotherhood on Zee Tamil

Introduction : Mullum Malarum

Mullum Malarum is a captivating Tamil-language soap opera that aired on Zee Tamil from 27 November 2017 to 10 June 2019. The series starred Munish Raja, Dharsha Gupta, and Akhila Raghavan in lead roles. This show marked Munish Rajan’s first small-screen lead role since 2010. The production team included producers Vanitha Chandrasekaran and R.K. Manohar, with Rajammal Creations as the production company. Mullum Malarum revolved around the lives of two brothers, Dharmadurai and Kalaiarasan, as they sought love and companionship.

Synopsis: Mullum Malarum

Mullum Malarum follows the lives of two brothers, Dharmadurai (Munish Rajan) and Kalaiarasan (Pandi Kamal). Dharmadurai is an uneducated blue-collar worker, striving tirelessly to improve his family’s finances, but his loved ones often overlook his efforts. On the other hand, Kalaiarasan is an educated professional who receives love and respect from everyone around him.

The plot turns interesting when Mahalakshmi (Tejaswini Shekar) enters the brothers’ lives. While Kalaiarasan and Mahalakshmi are engaged to be married, fate intervenes as Dharmadurai unintentionally comes between them, causing their relationship to end bitterly.

Main Cast : Mullum Malarum

Munish Raja as Dharmadurai: The series’ main protagonist, Dharmadurai, is an uneducated blue-collar worker who works relentlessly to improve his family’s financial status.
Darshan Gupta as Viji (Malar): The love interest of Dharmadurai, Viji is a beautiful, brave, and homely village girl who supports the protagonist in their struggle to build a better future.
Tejaswini Shekar (Episodes 1-201) / Nivisha (Episodes 202-277) / Akhila Raghavan (Episodes 294- present) as Mahalakshmi (Mullu): The main antagonist of the series, Mahalakshmi is a beautiful but arrogant girl who dreams of marrying the love of her life. However, after a series of unexpected events, she ends up marrying Dharmadurai, which causes turmoil in his and Viji’s lives.

Supporting Cast: Mullum Malarum

Vijay Krishnaraj / Narasimha Raja as Viji’s father
Vijay as Viki
Pandi Kamal as Kalaiarasan
Vanitha Krishnachandran as Kanthiyamma (Dharmadurai’s aunt)
Balambika as Periyanayaki (Dharmadurai’s mother)
Janaki as Dharmadurai’s sister-in-law
Sumangali as Maha’s mother
Jayamani as, Dharmadurai’s father
Nethran as Arivalakan
Nivedhita Pankaj as Gayathri
Legacy and Impact

Mullum Malarum significantly impacted Tamil television during its run, garnering a dedicated fan base and leaving a lasting impression on viewers. The soap opera’s engaging storyline, combined with the stellar performances by the cast, contributed to its popularity. The show’s portrayal of love, relationships, and family dynamics resonated with many viewers, making Mullum Malarum a memorable Tamil television series.

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