Cook with Comali: Exciting Wildcard Round Brings in Celebrity Contestants

Prominent Celebrities Join the Fun in Cook with Comali

Art Director Kiran and Actor Kajeesh Participate in the Latest Wildcard Round

Cook with Comali, a popular reality cooking show on Vijay TV, has reached its fourth season, entertaining audiences every weekend. The show sees an elimination round once every two weeks, with actress Sherin being the latest contestant to leave the show.

This week, the show features a wildcard round, with new and previously eliminated contestants joining the fun. According to sources, Art Director Kiran, who has worked on numerous Vijay and Dhanush films, will participate in the wildcard round. Alongside Kiran, veteran actor Nagesh’s grandson Kajeesh will join the show.

A promo related to this update has been released and is going viral on the internet, garnering excitement from fans of the show. Cook with Comali continues to attract viewers with its blend of cooking and comedy, ensuring an entertaining experience for audiences.

In conclusion, Cook with Comali’s latest wildcard round is set to feature prominent celebrities like Art Director Kiran and actor Kajeesh, adding an exciting twist to the show. With eliminations occurring every two weeks, the competition only gets more intense, keeping viewers engaged and eagerly anticipating what surprises the show has in store.

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