Suriya's Kanguva The Trailblazing Success That Has Already Shattered Records

Suriya’s “Kanguva”: The Trailblazing Success That Has Already Shattered Records

“Kanguva”: A Pre-release Phenomenon Redefining South Indian Cinema

Suriya’s forthcoming historical fiction film, “Kanguva,” directed by the celebrated Siruthai Siva, is already making unprecedented waves in the industry even before its release. Amid the surrounding buzz and fan anticipation, the movie has notched a record-breaking achievement that could redefine the South Indian cinema landscape.

The film’s producer, Gnanavelraja of Studio Green, recently announced that the film’s South Indian digital rights alone had been sold to Amazon Prime Video for a whopping Rs 80 crore. This ground-breaking deal cements Kanguva’s place as a titan in Suriya’s already illustrious career, for this is no less than the highest-budget movie the beloved actor has ever been part of.

Setting New Benchmarks: Kanguva’s Record-Breaking Digital Rights Sale

The sale of digital rights for such a staggering amount is an industry first, setting a new benchmark for South Indian cinema. In an interview with the Galatta Tamil YouTube channel, Gnanavelraja hinted at further exciting news. “All news will come out one by one,” he promised. “We have finished the deal with Amazon for the digital rights, just the South Indian languages rights. No other films have done such a high budget.”

While fans eagerly await the release of the movie’s teaser in June, the producer gave a sneak peek into the behind-the-scenes efforts that have delayed the film. Five major stars from different film industries are dubbing for the film, contributing to the anticipation for the grand reveal of Suriya’s look.

Dispelling Rumors: Kanguva’s Unique Origin and Inspiration

Despite speculation and criticism that “Kanguva” seems akin to the famous action-adventure game Ghost of Tsushima, Gnanavelraja assures that the film is purely the creative imagination of director Siva. It’s based on specific incidents from the 16th century, not inspired by any existing source.

The historical fiction film “Kanguva” is set to be released in ten languages, a strategic move to recover the considerable budget invested in the film. As Gnanavelraja suggests, this multilingual approach underscores the project’s ambitious scope.

Adding to the film’s allure is the Tamil debut of Disha Patani. All eyes are now on Suriya’s “Kanguva,” set to hit the theatres next year. Will it continue to shatter records post-release, as it has already been done in the pre-release phase? Only time will tell. Until then, the anticipation and excitement for this trailblazing film only grow.

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