The Last Two Days" Review: A Tedious Thriller That Fails to Captivate

The Last Two Days – A Disappointing Whodunit That Fails to Impress

Director: Santosh Lakshman
Cast: Deepak Parambol, Dharmajan Bolgatty, Nandan Unni
Streaming Platform: Neestream
Runtime: 70 minutes

“The Last Two Days” – A Lackluster Investigative Thriller

The Last Two Days, a Malayalam investigative thriller directed by Santosh Lakshman, starring Deepak Parambol, Dharmajan Bolgatty, and Nandan Unni, revolves around the mysterious disappearance of three politicians. With an important election just around the corner, the police are under immense pressure to solve the case. Circle inspector Srikanth (Deepak Parambol) is assigned to unravel the truth behind the disappearance. However, despite the interesting premise, The Last Two Days is an underwhelming experience due to its lack of suspense, weak character development, and amateurish presentation.

The narrative begins with Srikanth being handed the responsibility of investigating the disappearance of the politicians. His approach to the case and the direction of the investigation are far from impressive. Srikanth appears to be a passive participant in the story, with the answers to the case conveniently falling into his lap. The clues unravel one after the other with minimal effort on his part, diminishing the suspense element that is critical for a thriller.

Disappointing Storytelling and Weak Character Development

The character development in The Last Two Days is shallow, with most characters needing more depth and motivation. Srikanth is portrayed as a brooding, intelligent detective, but his actions and the case’s progress contradict this image. The other characters appear in intervals, only to provide clues to Srikanth without contributing to the plot. This lack of substantial character development makes it difficult for the audience to connect with the story and empathize with the characters.
The script of The Last Two Days needs better writing and logical consistency. The film’s attempts at incorporating twists and turns fall flat, as the twists need more impact to engage the audience. The writing appears to be at the level of a first draft, with little effort put into refining the script and improving the storytelling.

Logical Inconsistencies and Amateurish Presentation

Visually, the film feels low-budget, with most of the scenes taking place in a limited number of locations. This constraint could have been overlooked if the film had delivered an engaging story, but its other shortcomings make it hard for the audience to ignore. The film is also marred by an amateurish presentation, with oddly placed English songs in the background score and numerous shots of Srikanth walking up and down.

Despite its short runtime of 70 minutes, The Last Two Days feel longer than necessary, primarily due to its lackluster storytelling and presentation. A stronger script, better character development, and a more polished presentation could have saved the film from mediocrity. The film needs to deliver on the promise of its intriguing premise, resulting in a disappointing experience for the audience.

In conclusion, The Last Two Days is a painfully straightforward investigation that lacks the suspense and intrigue required for a successful thriller. Despite its interesting premise, weak script, shallow character development, and amateurish presentation make it a forgettable experience. With many other compelling films and series available to stream, The Last Two Days is an easy pass for viewers seeking an engaging and satisfying thriller.

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